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Thursday August 9, 2018
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Piano
156 Armagh Street
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With a career spanning twenty five years and more than a thousand concerts across almost eighty countries, Serrallet is probably the most internationally experienced concert performer among the Spanish performers with an “outstanding performance gift” (Corriere de la Sera). He has become from his own merits one of Spain’s global music ambassadors, as defined by the Brazilian Radio Cultura “Rafael keeps plowing the path laid down by Segovia, taking the guitar to every corner in the planet”.

“Rafael Serrallet is a charismatic performer who has the ability to literally merge with his guitar during his performances, leaving the audiences breathless”. His most significant skill lies within his amazing control of the temples and the ‘silences’ that expresses in part the music and for his “articulation of extreme clarity” (Scherzo, Madrid). His powerful performances are inspired from a profound and reflexive knowledge of the repertoire, performing always with respect to the scores, but injecting a very personal and emotional interpretation that reaches to the heart of the music. His music is “surprisingly delicate and full of extraordinary charm, tenderness, beauty and perfect softness” (Day-Kiev). It is his personality on the stage and the natural connection he has with the audiences that makes Rafael an exceptional and charming player.

Among the audiences in which he has performed as a soloist include Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York, Liceo de Barcelona, ​​Maestranza de Sevilla, Konserthus in Oslo. As a soloist he has played with orchestras such as the Malaysian Philharmonic, the Czech Sinfonietta, the National Symphony Orchestra of Panama, Transylvania Philharmonic, Sibiu Philharmonic, Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra, Youth Orchestra of the Generalitat Valenciana and under the direction of directors such as Edmon Colomer, Gálvez Pintado, Manuel Galduf, García Asensio, Oliver Martínez, Igor Palkin, Alexander Polishchuk, Gevorg Sargsyan and Valero-Castells.

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